Saturday, 6 September 2014


All ready for the birthday boy tomorrow!

Vanilla cupcakes and frosting. Decorated by the boys!

Friday, 25 July 2014


Worm. 4 years old. About to start 'big' school. 
A few months ago every time the Zingzillas came onto CBeebies he would scream to turn it off. He hated the programme and then all of a sudden, over night he was asking to watch it. 
"But you don't like the Zingzillas!" 
"Yes, I do!"
So we put it on. 
Since then it has been on everyday. But more than that he recreates the programme, using anything he can find. To start with it was the apples and oranges from the fruit bowl. At grannies he made the rocks out of plasticine. Granny bought him a real coconut! Today he is using the marble run. Much more fruit friendly I have to say! 
When his new teachers came for their home visit, he was in the middle of recreating an episode (the one where coconut number 3 gets stuck - oh I know  it so well!) and his teachers were amazed! When he took his brother into school the following week they looked at him and said "Coconut number one!" He just grinned at them! 
I think we can say it has become an obsession!
Lovely but slightly mad!!

Love him!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Today's walk

Lovely little foals!

And mummy pony.

This tiny one was snoring his head off when I crept up on him!

Hedgerow plants and foxgloves. 

It's going to be another good year for blackberries. 


Close ups! 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Escape Down Under - S.M. Phillips. (Cover Reveal)

For Jess Townsend, life is about to get complicated.

Following on from her split with Josh two months ago, Jess has thrown herself into her work full throttle, making sure that the one good thing in her life remains the same.

Suddenly she is called into an important meeting at work. Absolutely petrified that she is about to lose her job, she does the only thing she knows how. Panic on the inside and walk through it with her head held high on the outside.

Jess soon discovers she is being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity but will she take it?

After dealing with an ex who can't let go and a broody mysterious Adonis who won't accept no for an answer, maybe the opportunity of an escape has arrived at the perfect time.

What does fate have in store and what obstacles will be thrown her way?


Welcome to the crazy and hectic life that is me... A fun, loving mum of one special little boy, girlfriend (I'm sure it should be wife by now!!) and an overall crazy, happy go lucky girl from England.
I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Wherever I am, my book reader is never far behind along with a mug of coffee.
I found myself wanting to write from a young age, I have quite a few hidden stories on my computer somewhere, maybe I will have to dig them out and play around with them at some point.
I decided to make the very exciting but also very nerve wracking decision to release my debut 'Escape down under' at the end of 2013 when the ideas in my head got too strong and just wouldn't leave me alone.
So as a result of my imagination working overtime, Escape Down Under (Down under #1) will be released in July 2014.   

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Book Review: Safe House by Chris Ewan

This isn't a book or a cover that I'd would normally pick but the blurb really drew my attention.

A thriller, there was a time when I read lots of thrillers but not recently.

Here's what Goodreads says:

"When Rob Hale wakes up in a hospital after a motorcycle crash, his first thought is for the gorgeous blonde, Lena, who was on the back of his bike. The doctors and police, however, insist that he was alone at the scene. The shock of the accident must have made him imagine Lena, especially since his description of her resembles his late sister, Laura.

Convinced that Lena is as real as he is, Rob teams up with Rebecca Lewis, a London-based PI who has a mysterious connection to Laura—and learns that even a close-knit community like the Isle of Man can hide dangerous secrets that will not stay safe forever."

The story line of this book is amazing, very well thought through and with all the minor details included.

It had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and I loved the story, the twists and turns and the ending! Every moment was unexpected, exciting and terrifying at the same time. A fantastic read.

I loved it.

I will definitely be reading more of his books  in the future.

4 stars from me on Goodreads!

Monday, 12 May 2014


Today we had tantrums. 

We've had a few lately, all from Worm, who since his bout of chickenpox seems to have lost a lot of confidence. I don't know what it is but he's just become so defiant about doing things he used to love doing. 
Going swimming. 
Going to nursery. 
Going to bed. 
Every time. It's bedtime, time for school, time for his swimming lesson he kicks off. 

Today I received a message on my phone from moors-daddy saying he was shocked at Worms behaviour when he left him at nursery. He had to be removed from his legs and he was screaming "I want my daddy". From what we can see nothing has changed other than he was ill and now he's better though still a bit spotty. 
Can having chickenpox affect them emotionally to that extreme too?
It certainly has us!